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 Mini ZIM
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Foxrox Electronics

Mini ZIM

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Foxrox Electronics Mini ZIM

Mini ZIM Am Lager geladen mit T9 oder FF oder BM Modul !! Mini ZIM is a pedal that YOU get to configure. Its function is determined by the ZIMcard that is installed. ZIMcards include Overdrive, Fuzz, Distortion, Boost and Octave. They can be swapped, modified and collected. You can choose a ZIMcard when ordering, or you can order a Mini ZIM with no ZIMcard installed. Mini ZIM is a single-channel version of the original Foxrox ZIM - a dual-pedal that allows you to configure what its two channels do. Each channel has a slot for a plug-in circuit called a ZIMcard. Mini ZIM brings the same modular approach to a compact, single-channel pedal, and it works with the same ZIMcards that have been used with ZIM since it was introduced in 2002. CONTROLS: VOLUME: Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Typical setting is around 1:00 but can vary depending on the ZIMcard installed. DRIVE: Controls the amount of gain, resulting in more drive, fuzz or distortion, depending on the ZIMcard installed TONE: Turn down for bass, up for treble. The blue tone trimmer on the installed ZIMcard can be used for additional tone shaping. If not used for that purpose, it should be left in its middle setting. ZIMcards Right now, you can choose from 11 different ZIMcards. More will be added in the future. You can purchase ZIMcards on their own, and you can also order a blank ZIMcard. Card Swap You can send a ZIMcard to Foxrox and have it exchanged with any of the other available ZIMcards. Turnaround is under 2 weeks. Experiment! ZIMcard schematics are available for people who like to perform mods on their pedals. With Mini ZIM, you can mod all you want without any wear and tear to the main pedal. Blank ZIMcards are available to build your own circuit. MINI ZIM FEATURES CARD SLOT: The ZIMcard is plugged into an 8-pin connector and held in place with a #6-32 screw. A hex-standoff secures the card in place. Hard foam on the bottom of the pedal protects the ZIMcard from vibration, keeps the hex nut from turning and holds the battery in place. The 8 pin connector carries Ground, Voltage, Input, Output and connections to the 1 meg-ohm drive pot. LED Color: An internal DIP switch allows you to select the color of the status indicator LED. If you use more than one Mini ZIM, this will help you to tell them apart. Colors are: Blue, Red and Green. Combining Red and Blue will produce Purple. Other combinations are also possible. Multiple Mini ZIMs: You can outfit your pedal board with as many Mini ZIMs as you want. There is a 1/2" X 3/4" white box on the top of the pedal that can be used to indicate the ZIMcard installed. A sheet of blank labels is included with each Mini ZIM. You can also use a dry erase marker. For more labels, order Avery 6737 Multi-use, removable self-adhesive labels. These labels are ideal because they can be removed with your fingernail and they leave no residue. Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 9VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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