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 Riot Distortion Galactic
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Riot Distortion Galactic

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Suhr Pedals Riot Distortion Galactic

Riot Distortion Reloaded Only 150 units produced worldwide in a celestial Dark Matter Metallic (flip flops from blue to purple) powder coat, this is the Riot Galactic - get one while they last! The Suhr Riot is a versatile high-gain distortion pedal with the sonic characteristics and touch sensitivity of a high quality 100 watt tube amplifier. It will transform a clean amp into an authoritative rock tone that inspires all of your favorite riffs. In 2009, we shipped our very first Riot distortion pedal. Riot became an overnight success, offering players the ability to transform a clean amp into a versatile Classic Rock tone machine. Riot Reloaded is the result of countless hours of listening, testing, and tweaking our original distortion circuit to create a pedal that is amp-like, aggressive, in your face, and features more gain (30% more than our original Riot). An excellent companion to the original Riot, Riot Reloaded is a versatile distortion pedal that delivers a broad spectrum of Hi-Gain tones, with an amp-like feel, in a compact stompbox. 30% MORE GAIN With 30% more gain than the original, Riot Reloaded is the ideal choice for players seeking Hi-Gain Rock, Metal, and drop tuning style tones. HIGH GAIN AMP-LIKE PERFORMANCE Riot Reloaded responds dynamically to every nuance of your playing, just like the overdrive channel of a modded amplifier. With a simple twist of your volume knob, you can easily morph from mild chunk to full on metal assault. GAIN TO SPARE Riot Reloaded offers over 30% more gain than our original Riot. Our engineers balanced the dual gain stages to increase saturation and upper harmonics, resulting in improved midrange articulation, more sustain, and a tighter three-dimensional sound. YOUR TONE, YOUR CHOICE TONE SHAPING The tone control was modified to emphasize upper mid frequencies for a sweeter, more cutting tone, without sounding harsh or fatiguing. VOICE SWITCH The versatile three position voicing switch provides Classic, Modern (Full bodied), and Scooped EQ settings. ADDITIONAL FEATURES True Bypass: Riot is true bypass via a relay. This function allows for the remote switching, and the battery monitor feature. The relay produces less popping when switching the pedal on and off. FX Link: The FX Link connector allows the pedal’s switching function to be controlled from an external switch, pedal board, loop switcher, or any other custom interface. FX Link also provides the ability to power up in the On/Off state. Low Battery Monitor: Riot incorporates a unique battery monitor that alerts the user to low battery conditions. In addition, the battery monitor will automatically switch the pedal to True Bypass if the battery voltage is too low for the circuitry to correctly operate. -Input Impedance: 1M ohm -Output Impedance: 600 ohm -Power Connector: 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm -Operating Voltage: 4V to 18V (nominal 9V) -Maximum Voltage: 20Vdc -Reverse Battery Protection: Yes -Over Voltage Protection: Yes -Current Consumption: 8mA -Estimated Battery Life: 75 – 100 hours of continuous use -Dimensions: 2.5”(W) x 4.5”(D) x 1.25”(H) -Weight: 0.75lb -FX Link Connector: 1/8" Mono -FX Link Max Voltage: 3.3Vdc -Shield → Tip: Activate Pedal -ROHS Compliant: Yes Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 9VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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