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Keyztone EXchanger

EXchanger The first pickup enhancer that remodels your pickup without changing anything on your guitar. The EXchanger from Keyztone is an analogic pickup remodeler, that allows you to switch instantly between 8 choices of pickup tones, no matter what equipment you have installed on your guitar. It transforms your single coil into a P90, a humbucker or any other single coil, and it transforms your humbucker into a single coil just as well. With the Keyztone EXchanger, the guitar and its pickups remain intact. It's all about using your favorite instrument and reshape the sound of its own magnetic pickups to expend its tonal range. Guitar Tone Enhancer Access tones you could not get out of a stock guitar and enhance the tone you already have: -Switch from a cold, sterile, thin tone of a basic stock guitar to the bright, chimy tone of a Strat or the fat and full sound of a Les Paul -Like taking a raw guitar track, sending it off to a good mixing and mastering house, they do all their "Studio Magic to it" and send it back to you and you are like WOW this doesn't even sound like the same part! Guitar Picker Remodeler Expand your available palette of sounds in surprisingly elaborate ways: -In effect, the EXchanger is a pickup enhancer that removes the limits of a pickup’s configuration -Helps to make your guitar more versatile with 8 distinctive guitar tones -Turns a single coil into a humbucker and vice versa -Gets your Hums to handle heavier ODs and distortion better -Provides more clarity and girth as well as more highs so it retains a little sparkle with the onboard dark/bright knob and the bright boost switch -Make the output level of pickup’s combinations balanced in relation to a single pickup selection. -Get the 2 and 4 strat switch positions louder and more dynamic No need to swap guitars during live concerts or in studio while still adjusting your guitar tone according to changing styles of music: -Just keep using your favorite guitars and instant pickup swaps at a foot press and knob turn, no need to carry 8 guitars in every gigs. -Full analogic: Fix coil split and EQ disadvantages with no 60 sec hum, no latency, no volume drop hence no need for a boost pedal, and the ability to use as much distortion as needed. -Place yourself in a sound area close to what you may need throughout a concert Selection of 8 pickup tones: -Hot Texas is a Texas vibe single coil pickup ... Think SRV and you'll be good -Bright Vintage is a vintage Strato type single coil pickup -P90 soap bar ... No need to draw a picture, this is good old P90 -Rock'ability is a humbucker type Filter'Tron -Modern Power is a humbucker pickup with a high and aggressive output level -Classic 50th is a creamy vintage type of humbucker pickup -Wide is a balanced and versatile humbucker microphone -Supa 'Clean is an intermediate microphone between a piezo and a magnetic microphone rather to be reserved for electroacoustic guitars The first footswitch, Bypass, activates the pedal while the second footswitch, Tone Select, allows you to select the type of microphone you want to sound. It couldn't be easier to use. The other settings allow you to refine the sounds. With the STD / Bright Boost switch you can compensate for any loss of treble, among other things, related to the cable used to connect the guitar. The button named Pickup Adjust, allows us to manually adjust the correction according to the guitar we are going to use as the pedal input. And finally, for the different types of microphones we will be able to adjust the level thanks to the Level knob. Our patented analogic technology brings the ability to change your pickup tone just in seconds. Without changing anything on your guitar, you can transform your single coil into a P90, a humbucker or any other single coil. Of course, you can also transform your humbucker. If you have already found your perfect pickup, enjoy the possibility to multiply its tonal characteristics. By enhancing them to get a well-defined and dynamic response, it’s like virtually rewiring them. Size: (L x l x h) 120 x 85 x 33 mm / 4.72 x 3.34 x 1.3 in Benötigt: 9VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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