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Revv G8 Hear the Silence !! Introducing the new Revv G8 Noise Gate. From slight noise cancellation to ultra-tight high gain, it's never been more effortless to have fine tune your sound. Completely natural, unaltered pick attack, separate Hold and Release controls for maximum decay shaping, and a transparent threshold that allows your tone to naturally bloom. Main Features: -Ultra-tight Noise Gate pedal -Based on the gate in the Generator 120 MK3 -Effortlessly cleans noise and focuses on specific frequencies -Hold, Release, and Threshold controls allow optimum control -Send/Return loop for gating pedals or creating a side chain -Easy to use format means more time focused on performing -True bypass for maximum clarity and zero signal loss -Top mounted Input and Output jacks -Built to last durable construction -Optimized for use with any Analog, Digital or Hybrid Rig -Black sparkle chassis with printed geometric design -Small single-space enclosure -Designed and built in Canada Benötigt: 9-12 VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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