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 Simplifier DLX
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DSM & Humboldt

Simplifier DLX

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DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX

Simplifier DLX After two years of extensive research, the Simplifier masterminds have pushed the limits of the galaxy, with a new breakthrough in the guitar world. Attending the call of musicians who search endless boutique sound possibilities, flexibility and extreme portability, the Simplifier Deluxe offers the world's finest all analog 0 watts dual channel amp, with cab simulator, multi-stage reverb, and ultimate connectivity options. All, in an extremely small format. ULTRA CONNECTIVITY PLATFORM: Use it as a stereo 2-channel amplifier, or 2-parallel amplifiers for full stereo signal chain, or with 2 guitars at the same time, each with its own amp and fx loop. - Mono or Stereo mode Input. - Stereo FX send with preamp bypass option for each channel. - Stereo Thru jack for recording unaffected signal, WDW, or monitoring purposes. - Right and Left FX return jacks. If the Left return is empty, it can be set to be a slave of the right channel (for mono use) or take the signal from channel B (for full stereo use). - DI outputs - ¼” inch outputs with option to bypass the power+cab emulation. TWO FULLY INDEPENDENT PREAMPS: 2 studio grade preamps capable of modeling iconic amplifiers tones. Each channel boasts: - 3 preamp types (MS Brit, American, AC Brit) - 3 Gain modes (Clean, Crunch and Lead) Channel A models a cranked amplifier with phase splitter saturation, producing dynamic range of distortion harmonics, ultra responsive picking, pinching harmonics that fly from fingers. Ideal for aggressive and expressive playing. Channel B models the same amps, but with a warmer, rounder response, perfect for sweet cleans, blues crunch, up to heavy rhythm guitar. MULTI-STAGE STEREO REVERB: Including a full stereo reverb, with mix control for each channel independently. The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX comes with 3 reverb modes: - Short: ROOM STYLE - Mid: PLATE STYLE - Long: ETHER STYLE OTHER DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX FEATURES: - Left and Right POWER AMP SIM (Post-Preamp) and two independent CABSIMS with selectable COMBO (1X12), STACK (2X12) and TWIN (2X12) cabinets. - High grade HEADPHONE AMP with AUX INPUT for silent practice. - COMPACT SIZE: 10x10x6.5 cms -- 5,1x 3,9x2.5 inches - Weight: 490 grs. -- 1 pound - HEAVY DUTY self designed anodized aluminium case LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Benötigt: 9VDC 200mA Center Negative

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