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 Drive N5+
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Drive N5+

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Sinvertek Drive N5+

DRIVE N5+ What is our ultimate goal? The answer is clear and never changed — No matter which clean channel is used, our preamp pedals can produce exactly the same drive tone as the tube amp itself, every detail is very precise. In the past more than ten years, we have been constantly exploring the mysteries of tone via huge types of guitars and tube amps. After these countless testing, we finally completed 1 of 2 products for our ULTIMATE DRIVE SYSTEM PLATFORM 1, named Drive N5+ Drive N5+ is a pure analog circuit, based on FET technology. It consists of extremely complex drive generating circuit,freq response shaping network and equalization system. The Signals are processed by these three parts, this makes it perfect in freq response, picking attack and dynamic response. The most outstanding feature that you can feel is the natural, transparent and clear tone. In order to achive our ultimate goal - always performing and working perfectly under any type of amp clean channel and guitar, the Drive N5+ features the huge adjustability. Its EQ covers the full frequency band, and can be adjusted in a wide dynamic range. The engine of Drive N5+ is made up of the Drive Generating Stages and the Tone Shaping Network. The Drive Generating Stages is equipped with two GAIN SATURATION options and three GAIN STRUCTURE options. In the Tone Shaping Network part, Drive N5+ offers two choices of freq spectrums called TONE INDESTITY. Based on the combination of these settings the Drive N5+ can provide up to 12 basic drive tone of totally different styles. These tone covers the range from crunch to ultra High-Gain. After the drive tone is generated, it is transmitted to the Full Frequency EQ System, then this EQ system makes the final correction to the drive tone. By combining with full EQ settings and a variety of tone-related switches, users can adjust and get any desired tone and can also learn the composition of the tone through extensive adjustment of the Drive N5 Plus. Benötigt: 9VDC 100mA Center Negativ USER MANUAL

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