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 BomeBox MIDI-Router
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BomeBox MIDI-Router

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Bome BomeBox MIDI-Router

BomeBox MIDI Translator Pro in a Box The BomeBox can run basic or complex mappings and scripts on the MIDI data in realtime: load and execute Bome MIDI Translator Pro project files for all your MIDI needs (MIDI Translator Pro is sold separately). Bome Network For creating Network MIDI connections via Ethernet and/or WiFi to a computer, use the Bome Network tool: To go to the Network Tool click here ! Key Features -Robust, reinforced ABS case -MIDI-DIN: 1x input, 1x output. You can add more via the USB Host -USB Host Type A: supports USB-MIDI devices, USB hubs, multi-port USB-MIDI devices -Built-in MIDI Router: unlimited virtual MIDI patch bay -Quick reconfiguration via tablet, smartphone, or computer -Create long distance MIDI connections via Ethernet -MIDI Networking: centralized access to all MIDI devices connected to the Ethernet network -Built-in 2-port Ethernet switch -Wireless MIDI connections via built-in WiFi -WiFi works as Hotspot, hub, or client -Connects to Windows and macOS using Ethernet or WiFi (Bome Network tool) -Allen & Heath dLive, GLD, Qu, SQ, and iLive mixer support via Ethernet (since firmware v1.2) -Unlimited mappings/splits/scenes/conditional routing and MIDI processing with built-in MIDI Translator Pro engine -Use USB QWERTY Keyboards and map to MIDI (since firmware v1.3) -Standard power supply: 5V micro-USB -Extra robust power supply: Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) with 48V -Pass on PoE and MIDI connections using PoE Out port -Small and light: 180g / 6.3oz Power: Standard Cell Phone Charger

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