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 System Interface
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Musicom Lab

System Interface

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Musicom Lab System Interface

System Interface Two high-quality buffers -First buffer is based on Discrete Class-A -Second buffer is based on Low-Noise Op-Amp -Prevents the loss of signal level, high frequency and low end punch that is caused by impedance mismatch and cable capacitance -Some Fuzz or Wah pedals don’t like to be fed with a buffered signal. For this reason, the first buffer can to be bypassed. -You can avoid Ground Hum/Noise that may occur when two buffers are used for different signal routing, because the second buffer is supplied with fully isolated power. Dimensions: 72(W) x 113(D) x 31(H) mm 2.9(W) x 4.5(D) x 1.2(H) inches Weight : 180 g / 0.4 lb Powered by 9VDC(center negative) 45mA User Manual

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