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Dr Scientist
 Frazz Dazzler
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Dr Scientist
Frazz Dazzler
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Dr Scientist: Frazz Dazzler
Frazz Dazzler

The Frazz Dazzler is a dual-channel, aggressive fuzz with a wide gain range and a full 3-band equalizer. The Frazz uses a unique circuit topology for extremely high gain even on the low gain channel. The high gain channel offers over-the-top saturation with a built-in noise gate. Both channels make use of a variable regulator for a powerful voltage starve system resulting in a range of sounds from lower headroom/more clipping to glitchy, sub-octave tones. Like all Dr. Scientist pedals, the Frazz Dazzler can be used with guitar, bass, synths, and many other instruments.

-Low and High gain fuzz channels with LED indicator selectable with left foot switch
-Uniquely designed circuit
-Active 3-Band EQ
-Voltage starve control
-High quality analog signal path
-Premium parts and components throughout
-True Bypass with soft touch relay switching
-Full control over wet/dry mix
-Expression pedal control over Mix
-Buffered Input and Output
-Top mounted audio and power jacks
-Designed and handmade in B.C., Canada
-BASS – Adjust the low frequencies
-MID – Adjust the midrange frequencies
-TREB – Adjust the high frequencies
-MIX – Adjusts the balance between the input signal (Dry) and the effect (Wet) signal
-GAIN – Increases the amount of distortion
-VOLTS – Lowers the overall headroom. Produces glitchy, suboctave sounds at the lowest settings. Lower threshold adjustable with internal trim pot.
-VOL – Controls the effect (Wet) signal level
-Gain Footswitch – Toggles between low- and high-gain channels
-Bypass – Engage or disengage the effect

100mA @ 9VDC, 2.1mm centre negative plug
True Bypass with soft touch relay switching
Additional Specs
Mono input, Mono output, TRS Expression input
Treble Control: +/-15dB 2nd Order peaking filter centred at 3kHz
Mid Control: +/-15dB 2nd Order peaking filter centred at 800Hz
Bass Control: +/-15dB 2nd Order peaking filter centred at 100Hz
Exp Input: TRS cable, 10kΩ to 100kΩ resistance
Dimensions: 70mm wide, 129mm long, 59mm tall (2.75” wide, 5.1” long, 2.3” tall)

User Manual

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