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Matthews Effects
 Chemist V2 Octaver Chorus Phaser
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Matthews Effects
Chemist V2 Octaver Chorus Phaser
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Matthews Effects: Chemist V2 Octaver Chorus Phaser
Chemist V2 Octaver Chorus Phaser

The Chemist v2 is a one-stop modulation laboratory featuring an analog emulating chorus, a mind
altering phaser or a polyphonic organ style octave. The journey begins with two rows of identical
controls, allowing you to switch between the top and bottom row with the push of a button. Always
visible and editable on the fly, this works as a preset without any programming or menu diving. You can
set each row to be a completely different sound. For example, set a lush chorus on one, a phaser on the
other or create any combination of two distinct sounds and alternate between them instantly. For each
set of controls, there is a slide switch on the side of the pedal that lets you select either "Cobalt", a
classic lush chorus, "Lithium", a polyphonic organ octave effect or "Iridium", a swirling phaser. Bend the
sonic elements to your will with The Chemist V2.

The Chemist V2 has two sets of slide switches on the left side of the pedal that let you choose one of
these three algorithms for each row of controls:
Cobalt (Chorus/Vibrato) - Recreate classic, lush, chorus tones. Turn the "Reaction" knob up (turning
your dry signal down) for a mind-altering vibrato.
Lithium (Octave) - Generate rich polyphonic organ textures using the "Formula" control as your low
octave mix, the "Catalyst" as your high octave mix and the "Reaction" knob to adjust the mix between
your wet and dry signal.
Iridium (Phaser) - Manipulate speed ("Catalyst" knob) and resonance ("Formula" knob) to create swirling
sonic elements.

Reaction - Controls the mix of the effect
Catalyst - Controls the speed of the phaser and chorus and the mix of the upper octave
Formula - Controls the delay time of the chorus, the resonance of the phaser and the lower octave mix

Alt Switch (secondary foot switch) - What sets the Chemist V2 apart from other pedals is the Alt
controls. The three knobs on the "Top" row of the pedal are duplicated on the "Bottom" row giving you
two different settings/sounds which you can jump between. You can independently select the
algorithms for each row using the slide switches on the side of the pedal. This creates a simple and
straightforward way to get two dynamic sounds on the fly.
Alternate Jack Out - This input allows you to control the Alt and bypass switch remotely using a TRS
cable. Tip controls the Alternate Switch and ring controls the Bypass Switch.
Analog Dry Path Signal - Your instrument's dry signal path is kept completely analog while mixing in the
digital wet signal creating a unique and unparalleled modulation sound.
Expression Jack - Plug in an expression pedal to dynamically control the “Formula” knob on the 2nd row
of controls. This bypasses the physical knob on the 2nd row when the expression pedal is plugged in.
TRS cable required.

Rick Matthews obsesses over every last detail to make the highest quality and intuitive pedals available.
This commitment to excellence is on full display with the Chemist V2. From its rugged build, wide range
of available sounds and alternate settings, The Chemist V2 delivers a sonic reaction like no other.
High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response
Top-mounted jacks make pedal board placement effortless
Side-mounted toggles for each row of controls lets you choose between 3 algorithms
Soft-touch footswitch designed for the abuse of the road

Built in the U.S.A.
High grade components selected for their superior sound and response
Top mounted input and output jacks
9V power jack power draw: 100mA
Allows you to choose between 3 modulation effects
External bypass and Alt controls. TRS cable required.
Effortlessly jump between top and bottom rows of controls
Compatible with most standard expression pedals
2.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″ (63.5mm x 114.3mm x 38.1mm) – height excludes knobs and switch

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