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 RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface
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Origin Effects
RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface
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Origin Effects: RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface
RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface

Take full control of the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE by combining the Switcher Interface with your existing remote switcher.
Connect a latching switch jack to the Switcher Interface to remotely toggle the RevivalDRIVE’s CHANNEL, BYPASS, MID ENGAGE or BLEND OVERRIDE – connect to two TRS jacks to toggle all functions or recall any combination in your loop switcher’s presets.
The Switcher Interface allows four functions to be remotely switched via the single TRS footswitch connection on the RevivalDRIVE. The unit plugs into a GigRig G2, Boss ES-8, or other remote switcher, and converts the signal from four latching control switches into the formats used by the RevivalDRIVE’s internal circuitry (a mix of latching and momentary).
Using the Switcher Interface it is possible to remotely toggle the active channel, bypass state, mid engage, and blend override functions. This allows a user to instantly recall presets with different combinations of channels, mid boosts, blended overdrive, or even bypass the effect entirely. This could prove useful when connecting the RevivalDRIVE directly to a flat response power amp and using the preamp EQ on the bypassed signal (Mode DIP 1 up).
Connect a standard TRS cable from the switcher’s control switch jack (this could be labelled SW, CTL, RMT…) to connection A on the RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface. Connection A allows the channel to be switched via the tip connection and the bypass state to be switched via the ring connection.
Connect a standard TRS cable from another control switch jack on the controller to connection B on the RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface. Connection B allows the mid engage to be switched via the tip connection and the blend override to be switched via the ring connection.

Connections - RevivalDRIVE, switcher interface, and remote switcher 80dpi
RevivalDRIVE Switcher Interface drawing
Connect the Switcher Interface to the RevivalDRIVE’s F/SWITCH jack socket using a standard TRS cable from connection E. Lastly, connect a 9VDC power supply to connection C and use connection D to “daisy-chain” the power to the RevivalDRIVE.

The Switcher Interface includes an additional DC power connection labelled THRU. This outlet can be used to supply power to the RevivalDRIVE, avoiding the need for an additional 9VDC power supply outlet.

PLEASE NOTE: Remote switching of the bypass state and active channel can only be achieved with the Switcher Interface. The interface converts latching control formats to a short momentary pulse. In the unlikely event of power loss, the user may find that switcher-to-pedal synchronisation is lost. To re-sync the set-up the user should toggle the affected function directly on the pedal, by pressing the appropriate footswitch.

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