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CostaLab: Labyrinth

Labyrinth combines in itself the beauty and transparency of the analog sound with the amazing features of the digital management.All in a very contained dimensions and weight aluminum case
- 10 true bypass independent loops
- 7 loops plugged in Front Amp, 3 loops usable in the send / return amplifier outputs (or in Front Amp at the same time with the first 7)
- Stereo loops 9 and 10 in order to get a better result with modulation/ambient effects
- Two independent inputs, one with the tested and reliable class A CostaLab buffer
- a second class A buffer arranged after the loop 7 and fully programmable for every single memory
- Two internal analog volumes, one as input and one after the loop 7, manageable with an expression pedal (not included); this allows to control the pedal resolution and the points of maximum and minimum (exchangeable) in order to avoid limits to your creativity
- 520 memory locations in 52 banks of 10 presets each are able to give you a management capability never seen before
- you can switch from preset to Stomp Box modality by a simple one-click
- A large, sliding and bright OLED display allows to visualize all details about patches and programming parameters, even in hard conditions like on stage
- Fully MIDI implementation in order to manage every parameter
- 2 always available out of 3 aux switches, last one is fully programmable by settings
- An aux switch with Latch or momentary features; you can set 3 different timing to close the contact by the momentary function
- A ‘mute’ function that automatically engage the Tuner output to get accurate and silent tuning
- You can select AmpA, AmpB or AmpA+B amplifier outputs (unusable when the last stereo loop is engaged)
- By the free ‘Labyrinth Editor’ (smartphones and tablets IOS and Android) you can fully manage all the functions above
- By the free editor MIDI-USB interface (not included) you can fully manage all the functions mentioned above (OSx and Windows)
- You can easily back-up all data, setings and parameters above
- Free updating firmware via PC-Mac, in order to always get the last version with the pleasure of new functions and improvements
- Comes with: CostaLab Labyrinth, 9VDC power supply, and quick start guide.
- Updated pdf guide available soon

Size in cm: 36X12X6
Gewicht: 1,4 Kg
Benötigt: 9-12 VDC 700mA

User Manual

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