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 Mastermind PBC/6X
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RJM Music
Mastermind PBC/6X
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RJM Music: Mastermind PBC/6X
Mastermind PBC/6X

The PBC/6X allows you to connect 6 pedals and have complete flexibility in choosing which pedals are on at any time, as well as the order of those pedals in your signal chain. You can also control any MIDI compatible devices and switch channels on most amps that use 1/4-inch switching jacks.

Compact, powerful and flexible - 7 Buttons W/ Multi-Color LED - buttons can be customized using the Mastermind Editor

Graphic LCD Display:
-displays loop status
-preset and song names

Lots Of Connectivity:
-6 pedal loops
-1 insert loop
-2 function switches
-1 expression pedal input
-1 external switch input
-1 MIDI port
-1 USB port

The Mastermind PBC/6X is our response to all of our customers who said “I like the PBC/10, but I want it smaller, less expensive, and I want to be able to change loop order on the fly!”

-6 audio loops
-the last three loops are stereo capable using TRS jacks
-matrix-switching for maximum routing flexibility
-flexible output that can be mono, stereo, or used as an A/B/Y switch
-mono mixdown feature allows you to mix down your stereo output to mono when using with a single amp
-two inputs, one with a switchable buffer
-7 buttons, each with a multi-color LED indicator
-buttons are user configurable – any button can be set to any function and LED color
-easy to read backlit LCD display that can display preset and song names, plus other status
-built in tuner
-MIDI connection, powered by the MIDI “brain” of our Mastermind GT controller. This MIDI port can be split into a MIDI input and output using a special Y cable
-USB device port for connection to a PC or Mac. This allows the Mastermind PBC to send MIDI commands to a computer, or to communicate with the Mastermind Editor software
-a 1/4-inch TRS jack that provides two function switches. These can be used to control the channel switching and other features on an amplifier, or for externally switchable features on certain pedals
-expression pedal input that can be programmed to generate MIDI messages based on the position of the pedal
-external switch input allows two more switches to be added. These switches can be programmed to perform any function the internal buttons can
-Mac and PC editor software allows for faster and more comprehensive editing, including deep MIDI editing and changing button layouts

-768 presets
-1000 songs, 64 setlists
-can control up to 16 MIDI devices
-20 MIDI messages can be assigned per button (PC, CC, Note, Sysex)
-Dimensions: 10.1 (w) x 4.4 (d) x 2.4 (h) inches (25.7 (w) x 11.1 (d) x 6.1 (h) cm)
-Weight: 2 lbs / 0.9 kg
-Power Requirements: 9VDC or 12VDC 220mA, center negative 5.5/2.1mm barrel connector.

User Manual
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