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 BloodMoon Blood & Chrome Reverb
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Mr. Black
BloodMoon Blood & Chrome Reverb
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Mr. Black: BloodMoon Blood & Chrome Reverb
BloodMoon Blood & Chrome

At long last, our two most coveted reverbs, the BloodMoon and SuperMoon Chrome, come together to create: the Blood & Chrome.
The BloodMoon is dark, eerie and moody, and the SuperMoon Chrome is legendary for its brighter voice, multiple early reflections and enhanced Sway modulation. Each can go from a touch of space and breath, to full ambient washes, and with an expression pedal assigned to Mix, you can seamlessly transition from full-wet ambience to your original dry signal while the reverb decay trails on (up to 40 seconds available in the SuperMoon Chrome)!
Assigning an expression pedal couldn't be easier: simply connect any standard expression pedal to the EXP jack and turn the desired control to the "EXP" marker. It is that simple. Expression pedal assignments can be changed on the fly in real time following the same bone-simple procedure.

Save your favorite setting by pressing the Save button once (three blinks from the Preset light let you know your setting is saved), and instantly recall by pressing the Preset footswitch. Switch back to your control settings and deactivate your preset by simply pressing the Preset footswitch again.

Two modes of operation:

BloodMoon on Red mode
SuperMoon Chrome on Green mode
100% wet capable in each mode
Trails on bypass
Super easy to use preset save/recall
Optional expression control input assignable to any and all controls on the fly (expression pedal not included)
Compact design (3.7" x 4.7")
Industry standard 2.1mm negative center-pin 9VDC pedal-board and daisy chain friendly power input
<70mA maximum current draw (100mA supply recommended)
Power supply not included
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