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 Vinteck V-10 Clipper
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Vinteck V-10 Clipper
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Vinteck: Vinteck V-10 Clipper
V-10 Clipper

10 audio loops , audio loops 9 & 10 are also stereo usable with A/B A+B out programmable
4 programmable switches for amp channel switching (latch, single shot, dual shot)
Programmable Buffer IN for each patch (single or global)
2 out loop for amp send/return (6 in front, 4 in loop, or 8 and 2)
Tuner Out with MUTE function, activation on the flight or programmable
10 presets per bank, 12 banks, with a total of 120 presets
Direct activation of each single loop
Complete MIDI managing:
Programm change Midi mapping for each patch
Up to 4 control changes (single configuration of CC Number, value and channel, chained on each patch
Continuous control change for MIDI expression pedal, chained to each patch, configuration of CC Number, value, channel and limits. Pedal calibration.
Big alphanumeric display. With DOT-LED characters high luminosity, Possibility to assign name to each single patch (up to 7 charactersi)
Dimension 43 x 12 cm H 6 cm
Power supply 12 VAC/DC 0.6 A (max)

10 loops for single effetcs
8 loop mono, loop 9 and 10 are also stereo useable
4 independents switches for amp channel switching
2 mechanical loops for amp send/return wiring. XT loops are placed between loops 6 and 7 (6 in front and 4 in send/ret) and between 8 and 9 (8 in front and 2 in send/return)
Tuner Out with MUTE switch. Activable on the fly, or programmed.
Out A and B usable in stereo or in mono as programmable A/B, A+B.
Input for expression pedal (volume 25K or 250K)
Input for external TAP tempo pedal for MIDI tap tempo.
ALL loops and ALL switches might be assigned to any single programm. On any programms it is possible to chain up to 5 Control Change messages.
Control Change values are assignable to pulsant 6-10
Alphanumerical display, with high light LED matrix. Show programm numbers (01-120) and up to 8 programmable characters to show preset name.
Staggered pulsants for better access.
10 pulsants programs/patch, up/down, mode.
Dimensions: 43 x12.5cm, high 6cm front, 7cm back
Weight 1,8 Kg.
Power: 12 VAC 500mA

User Manual !!

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