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Surfy Industries
 SurfyBear Pedal Metal Reverb Tank
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Surfy Industries
SurfyBear Pedal Metal Reverb Tank
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Surfy Industries: SurfyBear Pedal Metal Reverb Tank
SurfyBear Pedal Metal

The Holy Grail of guitar reverb effects, the Fender®-style spring reverb, has been finally revisited with modern features!
aluminium body with removable feet on the back side for better positioning on pedalboards
external footswitch possibility though the dedicated 1/4 in. jack (footswitch not included)
TRUE bypass functionality to keep your signal intact when the effect is off
clean boost after the effect to balance the possible volume loss when the effect is on
innovative dual-LED on/off button
Accutronics® spring reverb pan
Based on our very popular SurfyBear Classic, the pedal works with a 12V power supply (100-240V compatible) included in the package.
Please note that the carrying padded bag is optional. It can be purchased separately at our ACCESSORIES page.
Try it and discover why most surf guitarists and the truly reverb addicted are turning to SurfyBear!

The controls are pretty easy on this pedal. We used the control labels as in the original Fender® 6G15®
DWELL: it defines the amount of effect applied to the dry signal. Please notice that each spring reverb pan (what you see underneath the unit) has its own decay value, which means that the time the reverb effect lasts depends on the type of reverb pan that is used.
MIXER: it defines the balance between "dry" and "wet" signals. The more you set this control low the more the signal remains clean, although you can still hear a "reverb tail", especially if the Dwell is set very high. At the opposite, by setting this control high, the signal is in the hands of the unit which changes the sound heavily by making it a bit smoother and affecting the attack of the guitar: like in the original Fender® unit.
TONE: it defines how bright or dark the output signal is. Setting this control high makes the tone more trebly, emphasizing the reverb-drip effect, but can also result in a very harsh guitar sound. Please note that the Tone control is "post-mixer".
VOLUME: allows to adjust the volume of the signal after the reverb when the effect is turned on

Pedal size: approx. 44 X 17 X 8 cm (17.5 X 6.5 X 3 inches)
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