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Wilson Effects
 Ultimate Overdrive
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Wilson Effects
Ultimate Overdrive
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Wilson Effects: Ultimate Overdrive
Ultimate Overdrive

Take one of the most popular overdrive circuits of our time add a six position switch to toggle through the original settings as well as 5 other boutique modified settings and add a clean boost circuit with the ability to run either effect in any position of you signal chain and you have the Ultimate Overdrive. Boasting a six position selector switch that enables you to modify the gain stage and tone stack of the tube screamer circuit a long with an additional clean boost that by default runs into the overdrive circuit to give you that extra boost on the front end. If you prefer to have your boost after the drive not to worry as there are switching jacks on the back of the pedal that allow you to route the effects anywhere in your signal chain you desire. The Ultimate Overdrive is true bypass and is powered by an industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or 9v battery.

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