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Surfy Industries
 SurfyBear Reverb V2 in Brown with Nylon Bag Reverb Tank
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Surfy Industries
SurfyBear Reverb V2 in Brown with Nylon Bag Reverb Tank
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Surfy Industries: SurfyBear Reverb V2 in Brown with Nylon Bag Reverb Tank
SurfyBear Reverb V2 in Brown

The original piece of electronics that started it all! This is a controller which features the same specifications of the Fender® 6G15® reverb unit replacing the tubes with JFET transistor technology. This is not a digital effect.
Spring reverb technology is well known since more than 50 years. One of the first reverb units available for electric guitars was the Fender® 6G15® standalone reverb which has set the standard for generations of musicians. Still today, the unique sound of spring reverbs is very popular among guitarists.
THE CONCEPT Basically, the tubes in the schematic are replaced with JFETS/MOSFETs and the output transformer with a current source. The circuit is all Class A and it is optimized for a tube-like harmonic content. It is using a standard 12V DC power supply adapter.
NO TRUE BYPASS Is a vintage reverb unit true bypass? Changing the tone a little bit is part of the game here and we wanted to keep it so. We did not invent a new effect, our purpose is to allow everybody to enjoy that sound without carrying around a heavy and expensive instrument.

What you get in the package:
-SurfyBear Pedal (wooden enclosure covered with Fender® style tolex)
-D2F custom padded bag
-12V power supply - it works worldwide 100-240V
-User guide
-Surfy Industries sticker

Abmessungen: 44cm x 19cm x 6,5cm
Gewicht: 0,84 kg

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