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 Vinteck V-8.2 Cutter
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Vinteck V-8.2 Cutter
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Vinteck: Vinteck V-8.2 Cutter
V-8.2 Cutter

V-8.2 CUTTER is a true bypass switching system, completely transparent, relay in silver/gold relays, with 8 programmable audio loops, plus 2 audio loops for send/return cabling.

It’s possible to cable 5 pedals in front and 3 in s/r, or 6 in front and 2 in s/r. Any combination between loops and switches is possible.

The new model compared to old model V8:
- 3 digits center display
- MIDI advanced managing with Control Change, up to 3 chained to all presets
- MIDI advanced managing with possibility to have up to 3 Programm Change on different channels for each preset
- Programmable Buffer assignable to any preset
- MUTE function, activable "on fly"
- amp channel switch : latch, single shot, dual shot

True bypass switching system
8 programmable audio loops, plus 2 audio loops for send/ret cabling
It’s possible to cable 5 pedals in front and 3 in s/r, or 6 in front and 2 in s/r
4 programmable switches for amp channel switching. Latch, singler shot or dual shot
Any combination between loops and switch is possible.
High dynamic buffer in input , programmable
10 banks, 8 presets each, total 80 presets.
Up to 3 Program Change on 3 channels on each preset.
Up to 3 Control Change on each preset
Possibility of direct access on loops, with MODE button Loops/programs
MIDI programming with MIDI MAPPING. It’s possible to assign program change 1/100 to any of 80 patch programs.
MIDI tap tempo with external switch, it’s possible to assign any control change 1/128 to external switch.
All programming operations can be done directly over the V-8.2 Cutter buttons.
Tilted top and staggered button, for better access.
Dimensions: 34cm x 12,5cm x 6cm

User Manual !!

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