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Retro-Sonic: Chorus

Der Retro-Sonic Chorus ist der genaue Nachbau des Roland/Boss CE-1 Chorus nur kleiner, mit rauschärmeren Bauteilen und True-Bypass.

Distinctive lush chorus, amazing vibrato, the Retro-Sonic Chorus Ensemble is the only true reproduction of the 1976 CE-1 using the original analog BBD. Its lush, focused tone is the standard by which all other chorus effects are measured. The Chorus Ensemble is capable of a wide range of sounds from analog chorusing to pulsating vibrato, having the unique Vibrato feature that was incorporated on the original which simulates a Leslie rotating speaker. The chorus and vibrato functions are selectable through a footswitch control, allowing desired presets to be maintained by separate control. The Mono an Stereo outputs allow for a two amp setup for an amazing chorus experience. The unit features hi grade components, true bypass, and stereo outputs powered by 9VDC.

The stereo output provides users the option of a two-amp setup. This brings a heightened dimension to the existing thick sound of the Chorus effect pedal, which has already developed a loyal following throughout North America and Europe.

- Chorus and vibrato effects selectable by footswitch control
- Mono and Stereo Outputs
- Overall Level control to adjust perfect unity gain
- Heavy duty foot switch for True By-Pass switching
- On/Off LED to check effect status.
- Speed indicator LED for Chorus/vibrato setting
- Powered by 9VDC adapter (not-included)
- Uses MN3002 BBD as original CE-1
- Noise Killer circuitry to eliminate noise generated in the BBD.

1. Level: Controls the over all volume of the effect. Rotate clockwise to increase output volume.
2. Chorus Intensity: This controls the intensity or amount of chorus applied to the incoming
signal. (Thicker sound as you rotate clockwise).
3. Vibrato Rate: Adjusts the speed of the vibrato when in vibrato mode
4. Vibrato Depth: Adjusts the depth of the vibrato when in vibrato mode
5. Normal/Effect Switch: Stepping on the switch turns the effect on and off
6. Chorus/Vibrato: This switches between the chorus and vibrato effects.
7. Normal/Effect LED: The LED lights on when the effect is on and lights off when the effect is
8. Chorus/Vibrato LED: Just like the original, this LED will flash in accordance to the speed setting
of the active chorus or Vibrato effect.
9. Input: Input jack to connect the output of the guitar or other effect pedal.
10. Mono: Output jack to connect to input of amplifier (wet only when in stereo mode).
11. Stereo: Output jack to connect to the input of a second amplifier for stereo use (dry signal out)
12. 9VDC: Jack to connect 9VDC center negative pin power. PLEASE NOTE!!!! This unit will
operate with a 9VDC REGULATED supply only. Use of other voltage adapters will result
in damage to the unit. The maximum voltage is 9.9VDC.

- Input Jack : �-inch standard phone jack
- Output Jack : �-inch standard phone jack
- Controls : Level, Chorus Intensity, Vibrato speed, Vibrato Depth
- Switch : Normal/Effect, Chorus/Vibrato
- Power Supply : 9VDC neg center adapter
- Dimensions : 4.7 x 3.7 x 1.18

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