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 G Spot Distortion/Overdrive
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Tsakalis Audio Works
G Spot Distortion/Overdrive
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Tsakalis Audio Works: G Spot Distortion/Overdrive
G Spot Distortion/Overdrive

2 Channel All Tube Distortion/Overdrive pedal

G-SPOT is a must have “All Tube” High Gain Tool for every demanding Guitar player. This pedal can provide a natural feel and sound, from “Classic Rock sounds” to “hard overdriven Riffs” and “endless sustain Solos”.

G-Spot is a 100% handmade pedal and all components are carefully selected and crafted. It is armed with 2xECC83s tubes in cascade mode (no transistors or opamps) running at very high voltages providing big headroom, physical compression and sensitive touch, so every note you hit has an unbelievable magic !!!

2 separate channels with independent Gain and Volume controls, sharing a 4 control eq, are capable for delivering many many configurations on stage and recording.

Each channel has 3 modes for Gain: Low - Mid - High and 3 modes for Voicing: Dark - Normal - Bright. The eq is a standard British configuration with Bass - Middle - Treble & Edge controls. With the Edge control you can manage the whole tonality of the pedal to your tastes.

Internal trimmer for high voltage micro-adjustment. With this adjustment you go from "Brown sounds" to "modern" bright styles.

100% Handmade
Tube Amp Style Hand Wiring (TASHW)
True Bypass
2 Channels all Tube Overdrive pedal
2xECC83s Tubes in cascade mode, running at 230Volts
1 Volume & 1 Gain control for each channel
4 controls British Style eq, with Bass, Mid, Treble & Edge
3 position Gain mode slide switch for each channel (Low-Mid-High)
3 position Voice mode slide switch for each channel (Dark-Normal-Bright)
1 Heavy Duty Footswitch for enable / disable the pedal
1 Heavy Duty Footswitch for selecting between channel 1 (green) / channel 2 (red)
Internal trimmer for high voltage micro-adjusting
12Volts/500mA Ac Power supply from external wall power pack (included)
Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box
Dimensions: 188mm(Width) x 120mm(Depth) x 33mm(Height)

User Manual

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