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Malekko: Unity

Designed by Todd Wolfgram, Malekko is thrilled to release our all-analog Wolftone UNITY pedal. Featuring locally powdered and screen-printed enclosures, each pedal is built with optimal components meticulously selected from here and across the seven seas.
UNITY is a multi-tap 2 transistor fuzz pedal fused with a compression section allowing maximum fuzztone flexibility and feel. From over-the-top fuzz mayhem to super buttery fuzz smoothness, the UNITY, like all WOLFTONE pedals, is extremely musical and very responsive to a player’s dynamics.
The three controls, WEIGHT, GAIN, and SKEW, each create a certain kind of gain and distortion. They tap into the circuit at different places, therefore they have different characteristics in the way they respond to the player and what they do to the timbre and overall signal. Add the compression’s FORCE SWITCH and you have an extremely flexible and reactive fuzz pedal: from sweet to discordant!
WEIGHT is both the initial drive setting as well as the primary compression setting, reacting to the FORCE SWITCH setting.
GAIN sets distortion amount. Low setting is dark and crunchy, becoming much brighter and searing.
SKEW affects both effect saturation and tone; from warmer at low settings to edgier and grittier when cranked up.
FORCE SWITCH changes compression value. 0 is min, 1 is high, 2 is max. The compression effect is fully dependent on all three knobs but is primarily based on the WEIGHT knob setting.
Examples of how the controls interact:
A gating effect occurs when WEIGHT is set low, GAIN and SKEW set high.
Slow attack swells happen when WEIGHT is high, GAIN and SKEW set low.
The UNITY is one with bass guitar! Sounds huge!
The interplay of the controls creates many surprising results in this extraordinary WOLFTONE design by Todd Wolfgram!

The pedal is powered by a 9v DC adapter (neg tip) or internal battery snap. Current draw is 50mA. Enclosure size is approx. 4 3/8″ x 2 3/8″ x 1 1/4″, 111mm x 61mm x 32mm.

The Volume knob controls the output volume of the pedal.
The Weight knob has two functions: controls both initial tone/gain (muted to bright) and the amount and depth of the compression, from a fast attack to heavy squish.
The Gain knob controls the amount and depth of the distortion, from sharp and bright to thick and heavy.
The Skew knob adjusts the saturation and tone of the effect, from dark to bright.
The Weight switch has 3 positions. It selects the degree of compression. 0 min, 1 high, 2 max.
Generally speaking, the higher the WEIGHT or GAIN are set, the more compression there will be. Conversely, the lower the SKEW is set, the more it will compress.
When WEIGHT is set low, high GAIN and SKEW settings will bring in a gating effect.
Slow attack swell happens when WEIGHT is high, GAIN and SKEW set low.
Compression is interdependent on the WEIGHT, GAIN, and SKEW positions, so this pedal cannot be used as a “compressor”.

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