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 Shanks 4K
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Shanks 4K
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Vemuram: Shanks 4K
Shanks 4K

Based on the Fuzz Face, & the Tonebender 1.5 Mod. Equipped with a Fuzz Color and Bias trimmer.

This is a 2 germanium transistor late 60’s Fuzz face like overdrive booster. The range of tone is very large, and can go from a firm and gorgeous clean tone, to an edgy crunch boost. #On top of that turning up the Fuzz and Bass will get you a thick Fuzz face like distortion. It is very touch sensitive, so picking strength and guitar volume play a large role in expressing different tones.

The signal line uses hand picked N.O.S parts and the electrical input area uses state of the art pieces. This gives a noiseless sound with lots of head room.
On the top there is a Fuzz Color trimmer, which can give that stuttery so called fuzz, and also a smooth drive depending on where you turn it.
Unlike the creamy distortion of an overdrive, we went for the Hendrix/Jimmy Page tone; the earthquake like distortion you get when you attack the strings, but when played sensitively, it gives off a nice clean tone with an edgy crunch. That is what we wanted to give to you. That is what our partner John Shanks strived to achieve til we finally got it.

John Shanks
John Shank born 1964, December 18th in New York, is most known recently for producing the new Van Halen album ‘A Different Kind of Truth’. He has also worked with artists such as, Bon Jovi, Sherryl Crow, Keith Urban, Michelle Branch, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler, Rod Stuart, Santana, Sting, etc…#   
He personally owns a collection of musical instruments and gear, from vintage to just released. He especially collects guitar gear probably to an extent that there is nothing that he does not have. His ability to use these collections through his job is what has helped make him a grammy winning producer.
#When we visited the Jim Henson studio and his home studio, it was filled with vintage gear (guitars, amps, pedals etc.) Recently, his 60’ les paul given to him by Mick Mars, was used as the model for the Gibson Collector’s Choice™ #7 1960 Les Paul “Shanks”. This original 60’ les paul was used in the production of the Shanks 4k among many other vintage gear.
"The 4knob Shanks pedal is a collective design from me and the team at Vemuram. It"s a 2 transistor fuzz that gives you the head room as well as cleans up when you roll your volume down.. The gain is fuzzy but controllable giving you flexibility over the gain you desire. It took us a while to get this right so enjoy and play on." John Shanks

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