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 Mini Line Mixer
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RJM Music
Mini Line Mixer
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RJM Music: Mini Line Mixer
Mini Line Mixer

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An essential tool for creating a parallel effects system, the Mini Line Mixer will combine up to four mono or stereo signals into a single stereo output.


Run your effects in parallel with your dry signal to avoid tone loss
Run delay, reverb and other time-based effects in parallel to avoid muddying your signal
When used in conjunction with one of our audio loop switchers, the Mini Line Mixer will allow delay and reverb effects to trail off naturally instead of cutting off as soon as an effect is bypassed
High quality, low noise components are used throughout, and internal voltage conversion is utilized to provide maximum headroom
Small size makes it possible to use in a rack or on a pedalboard.

10 Reasons to use a Mini Line Mixer:
- Maintain your tone and it keeps digital effects from clouding the signal.
- Dry analog sound is always present
- Digital effects are mixed into the dry signal so require 100% wet effect
- For time based effects you can run at higher feedback rates, delay or revert times
- It has a dry kill on it for troubleshooting phase issues on the rig
- Can be used as a master volume for guitar, keyboards or other instrument rigs except for vocal.
- Its small compact form factor makes it easy to install in a rack or on a pedalboard.
- Requires only 9 v dc input making it compatible with most major pedalboard or rack power supply
- Very transparent so that you maintain your sound
- It can be used in front of an amp or in an effects loop. It can also be used in small mono rigs all the
way to wet-dry-wet systems.

More Tips on Using a Mini Line Mixer in Your Rig:

The RJM Mini Line Mixers can be expanded by putting stereo output of mixer 1 into the first input of mixer 2 and you can keep doing that over and over until you have multiple mixers (basically you made a dual stereo line mixer).

A Mini Line Mixer should be used when any time-based effect is used. They must be used with 100% wet signal. Otherwise known as the dry kill. They keep your signal coming from your amplifier free of other effects for from going through ADDA sound conversion.

RJM Mini Line Mixers offer tonal purity - they are transparent. It can be used to increase volume for weak signals however a buffer should be used in order to keep sonic clarity and the true tone that you worked for.

If one of the units fail in a parallel system, the sound is still untouched. The dry signal is untouched and you can continue to play rather than in a series system which would shut down your series path.

Dimensions: 10,2 cm x 10,2 cm x 3,8 cm

User´s Manual:

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