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 MLC Power Station
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MLC MarkL Custom
MLC Power Station
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MLC MarkL Custom: MLC Power Station
MLC Power Station

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The MLC POWER STATION adapter has high efficiency toriodal transformers, equipped with an electromagnetic shield.4 toroidal transformers of 24 independent sections powering a separated galvanic, immunizing from any distortion caused by a 230V mains power supply.High capacity electrolytic capacitors ensure perfectly clean exit voltage while high-quality professional voltage stabilizers ensure stable operation of the power supply RACK box.

The Power Station housing is made from a fully zinc-plated and later powder coated steel, thanks to which the housing is magnetically shielded, while remaining highly scratch and dent resistant.

24 outlets configured in 24 isolated sections
four toroidal transformers with additional magnetic field shielding
sixteen powerful DC sections, ten with 150mA, two with 400mA and four 1200mA
eight powerful AC sections, four with 1200mA, two with 500mA
possibility of 18 or 24V from a single outlet
short circuit protection of all outlets
temperature monitoring
115 or 230V mains voltage operation
a total of 24 flex cables included

Technical Specifivations:
Power in: 230V/115V 50/60Hz
Operational temperature: -15˚C / +50˚C
Height: 1U (44 mm rack space)
Width: 19" (482 rack space)
Lenght: 220 mm
Weight: kg / 8 pounds

Power Out:
10 x 9VDC/150mA (or 5x 18VDC/150mA)
for standard effects (BOSS type ) or 18VDC for MXR FX
4 x 9VDC/1200mA (or 2x 18VDC/1200mA)
for standard effects (BOSS & EVENTIDE)
2 x 12VDC/500mA (or 1x 24VDC/500mA)
for line mixers, procesors and other or 24VDC for ELEKTROHARONICS FX
4 x 9VAC/1200mA (or 2x 18VAC/1200mA)
for processors, midi controllers, midi loop and other
2 x 12VDC/500mA (or 1x 24VAC/500mA)
for processors, or 24VAC foe Dunlop Rack WAH

User Manual
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