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Musicom Lab
 Musicom Lab EFX LE II
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Musicom Lab
Musicom Lab EFX LE II
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Musicom Lab: Musicom Lab EFX LE II

Der ideale Looper/Switcher für ein kleines klassisches Mono, Stereo oder A/B-Amp Rock/Pop-Setup - Compressor, Boost, Distortion, Phaser, und das Delay und Reverb im FX-Weg des Verstärkers !!

EFX LE II Features:
-4 mono loops and 2 stereo loops, plus 1 volume loop
-Changeable loop order per each preset
-2 Buffers, Input and Movable buffers
-2 internal unity mixers/volume-controllers
-(Parallel, Carry Over routings or Volume Conrol)
-641 preset memory locations
-160 banks of 4 presets, plus a Global Preset
-2 function control switches (Latched / Reverse Latched / Momentary / Tempo Sync)
-Mute and Click-Less functions
-Song and Set mode
-Create up to 480 songs
-Organized the 480 songs in to 60 sets of 48 songs
-12 MIDI messages (PC, CC and Note) each preset
-4 MIDI messages (PC, CC and Note) each switch
-4 Audio actions each IA switch
-MIDI Time Clock or Alaog Tempo out for TAP-TEMPO
-One expression pedal port (global / per preset)
-2 lines x 16 characters LCD display with blue backlight
-Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets
-Easily name presets and songs
-Heavy-duty footswitches
-Powered by 9VDC(center negative) 200mA
-Dimensions : 320(W) x 96(D) x 68(H) mm
-Weight : 1,130g

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