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 Tube Drive TD-2A
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Tube Drive TD-2A
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Effectrode: Tube Drive TD-2A
Tube Drive TD-2A

The Tube Drive is a pure tube overdrive pedal featuring three vacuum tubes for a larger-than-life, "hot-rodded" amp tone. It"s tone quality is musical, organic and sounds distinctly different to pushing an amp with a solid-state booster or hybrid transistor/tube overdrive pedal. The drive knob simultaneously controls clipping over 4 cascaded gain stages so the pedal responds empathically to pick attack with a smooth and graceful breakup characteristic. At lower drive settings this pedal produces an expressive warm blues tone and increasing the drive introduces rich and musical harmonic overtones without masking the the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier.


All Tube gain circuitry: The Tube Drive is the only pedal you can buy that has a complete tube guitar preamp inside - 100% analog, class-A, all-tube means no silicon in the signal path. This topology gives the Tube Drive fine control over a wide range of gain characteristics from mild breakup to creamy saturation.
Tube swapping: The tone and gain characteristics of the Tube Drive can be drastically altered by interchanging tubes - in fact the pedal was designed for easy access to the tubes for this purpose. It can be quickly and easily transformed into a hi-gain distortion beast, mellow blues driver or boost pedal by simply removing a tube and replacing it with a different type.
Bax-Stack "active" tube tone control: The Tube Drive is the only overdrive with an active tube tone control. The Bax-Stack is a real treble boost (and cut) circuit with zero insertion loss, unlike passive tone stacks which can only remove frequency content ("tone-sucking"). The tone range is optimized to work over important frequencies essential for mellow jazz tones to some serious crunch.
Low-end coutour switch: Active low boost for a warmer, richer sound. Especially useful with single coil pickups to thicken the sound or when playing at low volumes to compensate for loudness.
Daylight visible orange L.E.D.: Indicates when pedal is engaged.
Power consumption: 12Volt DC 1200 mA

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