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 Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp
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Mojo Hand FX
Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp
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Mojo Hand FX: Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp
Rook Royale Dual Overdrive/Preamp

Dieses Pedal wird benutzt von:
Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)
Ty Tabor (King’s X, The Jelly Jam, Solo Artist)

Mojo Hand upgrades one of their most popular and successful overdrive pedals by pairing a Rook overdrive with a modified Echoplex preamp circuit to create the Rook Royale, with all of the sonic perfection and versatility that has made both such valuable staples of so many pedalboards. The Rook features a three way toggle switch which offers an abundance of overdrive sounds. Flip it up for classic, highly compressed gain full of rich harmonics, or Down for additional gain stages with much more aggressive distortion, or select the Middle for loud, clean sound that lets the two-band EQ improve the sound of your entire signal chain. The Gain control offers an impressive sweep from clean gain to full-on sonic mayhem, and all points in between.

On the other side is a modified Echoplex preamp that helped shape the legendary sound of more guitarists than we can name here. The boost control adds magnificent texture, depth, and color to any guitar, while the treble control shapes the top end and leaves the low end unaltered for magnificent presence. Each side has its own independent, true bypass switching with its own LED indicator, and a 2-way toggle lets you flip the order of the two pedals for the sound you want. Like all Mojo Hand effects, the Rook Royale is hand built in the USA from the finest components. It can be powered by any standard negative center 9vDC power supply.

Mojo Hand Rook Royale Features:
-OD Gain, Bass, Treble, and Volume Controls
-3-Way Overdrive Mode Switch
-2-Way Stacking Order Switch
-Boost, Treble Controls
-Independent True Bypass Switching
-Independent LED Indicators
-4.75” (12.06 cm) x 3.75” (9.52 cm) x 2.25” (5.71 cm)
-Standard 9vDC Operation (No Battery)
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