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 Overdriven Pre-Amp OPA-101
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Overdriven Pre-Amp OPA-101
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Dinosaural: Overdriven Pre-Amp OPA-101
Overdriven Pre-Amp OPA-101

Dinosaural ist die neue Marke vom bekannten technischen Designer Dan Coggins, der auch alle Pedale von Lovetone technisch designt hat.

The Dinosaural® Overdriven Pre-Amp OPA-101™ is a new analogue guitar overdrive pedal that uses discrete transistors in a special configuration to simulate (uncannily!) the sound of an overdriven valve (tube) amp.

It is a new re-design of the earlier "Tube Bender™" pedal, also designed and made by Dinosaural®. There are two controls - one to adjust the amount of "drive" (sustain) and an output "level" control. There is an internal switch that can select between either "Buffered" or "Hardwire" bypass mode. It is operated by a 9V battery (not included) and may also be used with a standard, external 9-12V DC supply. A red LED indicates when the effect is "on" and signifies a low battery by rapidly dimming below 7.5V. The OPA-101™ can be used as a gentle, transparent overdrive effect or (due to the large amount of available gain on tap) it may also be used as a rich and sweet sounding distortion or even fuzz-tone. The sound produced is big and warm with great definition! It can be used to drive hard the front-end of a tube amp to achieve classic guitar tones. Very useful for getting lead/overdrive sounds with ease from old non-channel switching classic amps.

The Dinosaural® Overdriven Pre-Amp OPA-101™ works well with all kinds of guitar, amp and other effect combinations, retaining the character of the equipment it is used with.

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