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 Sludge Hammer Fuzz
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Greenhouse Effects
Sludge Hammer Fuzz
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Greenhouse Effects: Sludge Hammer Fuzz
Sludge Hammer Fuzz

The Sludge Hammer is a boiling Cauldron of thick textured Fuzz tones, That Will inspire you to play heavy.

Stoner Metal,Doom,Sludge.
Following my heartfelt enthusiasm for these three subgenres, I"ve decided to build a pedal that delivers the unearthly tones that are identified with them.

Instead of trying to emulate a classic amp, I"ve designed a pedal that covers a lot of ground and enables you to dial your own tone using your amp. Weather it is a solid state combo or a big tube amp, the Sludghammer will turn the clean channel of an amp into a formidable riff-worthy beast.

Gain ranges from medium gain crunch up to an uncompromising wall of sound. At higher gain settings the distortion gets slightly loose and fuzzy.
Tone knob has an extreme effect and can be manipulated to smooth out the tone or add a sharp bite to it.
Body knob is dedicated for the low mid frequencies (interactive with the tone knob) crank it for more balls. Vol. knob controls the overall output of the pedal,plenty of headroom is at hand.

-VNTG- A darker, Old School distortion sound with scooped tone.
-MDRN- More aggressive and open sounding modern distortion
-The VNTG/MDRN switch can be used to further optimize the Sludghammer to the amp; VNTG mode is recommended for open back combo amps. MDRN mode is recommended for darker sounding amps with Closed back cabs.

It"s time to fulfill your darkest tonal desires!

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