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Cusack Music user: George Lynch, and many more Check it out
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Cusack Music
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Cusack Music: Louder

Achtung ! Kann nur mit Netzteil betrieben werden (kein Batteriefach) !!

The Cusack Louder is like the Cusack More Louder, but without the True Bypass Switch, and the buffer toggle switch. All the things we took out make it a bettter fit for pedal board builders! Plug one into your new Cusack Pedal Board Tamer for a solo boost or driving another pedal harder.

The Cusack Louder is a small pedal that produces big sound. It’s a clean boost pedal that’s adjustable from 0dB to over 25dB of clean boost. This is not a treble boost, it won’t affect your tone, you get pure guitar coming through.

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