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 BBB13 - OC76
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BBB13 - OC76
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Lovepedal: BBB13 - OC76
BBB13 – OC76

The first control, a (blend pot) control that will take you from vintage Dallas Rangemaster to 67 Ge fuzz face heaven and everything in between, even tweed amp tones are in there. 2nd control is a saturation blend. 3rd is a Master volume. A very versatile unit that can blend many different shades of Ge fuzz face, Dallas Rangemaster, Distortion, Overdrive, Flat boost, Warm clean boost. the possibilities are endless..

Stable Handpicked Germanium mil spec transistor ensures the smoothest, harmonically rich, musical amp like tone available, ANYWHERE.

Internal trim pot lets you select the bias at anytime.

“The BBB is really an interesting pedal.
While it has an un-mistakable vintage tendency, it also has a unique voice. It blends a germanium treble booster and a fuzz in a single pedal. Not only do you have these two tones at your fingertips, you can BLEND them. This may sound simple, but the results are nothing short of stunning. This mix makes for some very tasty fuzz/boost tones. The pedal is remarkably tunable for having just three knobs; Vol, Fuzz, Blend.”

Here are some notes from dudes on the internet who also enjoy this pedal.

“I have been haunted by samtheman’s BBB07 clips for quite a while. Just sounded incredible and I liked the fact that you could dial in an ovedrive sound out of it as well. But BBB07′s were pretty rare, and I have owned three fuzzes and never bonded with one. Fuzz Factory, Blackbox Inferno, and a byoc I bought off of ebay. I have heard other guys use the fuzzes I named, with good results, but not me. So I was hesitant to drop the dough and be disappointed again. But then, I saw that he had more chips and was making a BBB11 version. So I plunked down the cash and waited for disappointment to arrive. But man oh man was I wrong. This pedal, run through my emplex is a monster. Don’t really use the rangemaster setting, just the overdrive and fuzz face settings. Its kills. Brought it to the gig the other night, along with my recently acquired lovepedal kalamazoo. Never owned a single lovepedal before 2 weeks ago. I gotta say that I have never heard my leads cut through a mix so much before. Both pedals. Incredible sustain from both. But, not to get side tracked, the BBB11 was just filthy with dirty raunchy goodness. Plays well with both humbuckers and single coils. If you have had trouble with fuzzes or love fuzzes, I gotta recommend this pedal. The soundman said he loved it. Especially on the single coil neck pickup on my Suhr S2.”

“Kicks major ASS!
Talk about great character. This thing is amazing.
Even when the gain is cranked it cleans up so beautifully.
This is my favorite new pedal.
Anyone else loving it as much, or am I crazy?”

“It’s funny, I’m not much of a ‘fuzz’ guy. I tend to like light OD into an already hot amp. This thing, on the ‘treble booster’ side is the absolute s**t!
Into my Germino, or my Z28, it’s just killer tone for days. Like I said before, it’s the ‘character’ that makes it so cool. Lot’s of pedals tend to sound ‘pedal-y’ to me, even the really good ones. Not, that it’s bad, just that it seems to kind of even out things.
This pedal seems to inject ‘vibe’ into your amp. I know that sounds totally corny, and ‘vibe’ is a way overused term around here but that’s what it sounds like to me. Varying me pick attack, and pickups seems to have more of an effect than with other pedals. Squealy/smooth/nasty/glassy etc, it’s all just a touch away. I’ve never had a pedal that sounded so killer with the guitar volume rolled back. ”

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