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Lava Cable
Lava Cable "TightRope" Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit
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Lava Cable "TightRope" Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit

Lava Cable’s TightRope Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit™ is the most affordable and reliable DIY solder-free pedal patch cable kit on the market. Featuring a modified version of our proven Lava Plug™ design that has the smallest circumference of any like plug and our TightRope 20 AWG, low capacitance (32 pF/ft) solid-core patch cable, it’s the perfect choice for musicians who want the best of both worlds: low price and a superior product. The TightRope cable is Made in USA. Superfast and easy to assemble patch cables are the hallmark of this DIY Kit. This kit is part of our Standard Series lineup of products.

10 Winkelstecker
3 Meter TightRope Kabel in schwarz
1 Stripper

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